Edge Rank Algorithm for Facebook


Nowadays, news running over Internet that Facebook [3] is tweaking with this algorithm that hurt the advertisement industry over Facebook. And it's a part of my dissertation that I'm working on social computing it some interesting stuff for me as well so I'm writing this article that how edge rank is working. What I written here is just abstract, because actual algorithm hidden from all. But its better idea to have knowledge about making article, post, like in such manner that increased my edgerank. There is no direct trick to improve that.

Let's see how edge rank is working

Edge rank is algorithm runs on 3 factors.

  1. Ue - Affinities score between the nodes
  2. We -Weight for each edge type (create, like, comment etc)
  3. De - Time decay , how long edge was created

Affinity Score (Ue)

Affinity score is a numerical relationship with other. For example I'm frequently posting to my friend's wall then the affinity score will get very high. But any person is in my friendliest but there is no any social relation between him and me, like comment, tag, like or share then this post will not been displayed to my news feed. For each and every node this algorithm will create affinity score. Affinity score also calculate your accent as well that if you're clicking someone's link, sharing the post, tagging him to your picture, liking etc we create your edge rank. Again edge rank is a one-way for example I'm writing something to my friends wall but is not taking any activity to my wall then my page rank toward him is a higher, but he's rank toward me might be low. Cricket

Edge Weight (We)
Each category of edge has the weight age. Like has a low weightage than the commenting. It means that if you are writing your status will have weightage less than you uploading the picture. Every component has its own weight age.

Time Decay (De)
Time decay is rolling over time, as the story gets older it loses its rank. That known as "old news". So that if you post anything at a perfect time will gain more score.
There is no direct way to improve your rank but here is some suggestion that might help you to improve your page rank. For further reading citations are given below.

How to improve your edgerank of Facebook [2]

  1. Addphotos to each post.
  2. Postat the right time of day.
  3. Askfor interaction. (like "If you like then share…","Gujaratiho to like karo"…)
  4. Thinkoutside the work week.
  5. Berelevant.
  6. Whenin doubt, post a graphic.


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