Essentials of Capacity planning Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010

Thank you very much for the marvelous response to our previous book on SharePoint designer 2010.We are extremely happy to announce our second book on SharePoint 2010 named “Essentials of Capacity planning Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010”.This is specifically intended for IT Professionals and Architect to guide them on SharePoint 2010 implementation Please find below the book cover and TOC.

Expected release is FEB 28th 2012


  Table Of Contents

1.       Performance and capacity management Introduction

2.       Capacity management and sizing Introduction

3.       Evaluating SharePoint Server

4.       Things to remember for tuning and optimizing a live SharePoint-based environment      

5.       How to increase  performance   SharePoint Server 2010

6.       Capacity management and capacity planning     

7.       SharePoint 2010 deployment Architecture

8.       Hardware Selection Guidelines

9.       Monitoring and maintaining SharePoint Server 2010

10.   SharePoint 2010 Software boundaries and limits