Export/Import List In SharePoint Server 2016

Backup and restoring of lists is one of the common tasks of a SharePoint administrator. Though we can back up SharePoint List, using both Central Admin UI and PowerShell, restoration can only be done through PowerShell and not through UI. Let’s see, how to export and import the ‘Employee’ list, using PowerShell.

Spin up for SharePoint 2016 Management Shell.

Run the command, given below to export SharePoint List.
  1. Export-SPWeb -Identity "http://sharepoint2016:51000" -Itemurl "/Lists/Employee" -Path "C:\BackUp\ListBU.cmp"  

Identity: Site URL, where the list is present.

ItemURL: Site relative URL of the list.

Path: Location, where the backup will be stored.


The backup file can found at the specified backup location.

Similarly, we can import the list to the SharePoint Site by running the below command.
  1. Import-SPWeb -Identity "http://sharepoint2016" -Path "C:\BackUp\ListBU.cmp"  

Identity: Specify the web URL

Path: Location of the backup file.

Heading over to the site contents, we can see the newly imported list.

The contents of the list have been retained, as shown below.


Thus, we saw how to Export/Import list in SharePoint Server 2016.