Exporting and Importing web parts in SharePoint 2013

  1. Navigate to the Page where the web part (to be exported) is located.

  2. Edit the page

  3. In the Edit page click on the down arrow on the top right corner of the web part which has to be exported.

  4. Click on Export, the web part will start download in local drive as .webpart file.

  5. Now to Import the webpart to other page navigate to that page and edit the page.

  6. Click on Add a web part link in the Edit page, web part gallery will be displayed.

  7. Below the Categories tab you will found Upload a Web Part option click on it, once it is clicked you will get option to choose file and upload

  8. Browse for the web part file which is exported earlier and upload it

  9. Once the web part is uploaded you will find a new folder named Imported Web Parts under categories tab select it and you will find the imported web part beside that.

  10. Select the web part and add it in you page. Export and Import of web part in SharePoint is done.


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