From Introduction to Installation (Windows Form Application)

This post cover following topics in detail.
  • What is windows form application?
  • Examples of windows Form applications.
  • Creating your first form.
  • Publishing your first app.
  • Installation of application.
By reading this you may able to create your first windows app you can also publish it than install it. and than use your app like a boss ;)
What is windows form application?
Windows Forms is a graphical (GUI) class library included as a part of Microsoft .NET Framework, providing a platform to write rich client applications for desktop, laptop, and tablet PCs.
Examples of Windows Forms
  • drawing or graphics applications
  • data-entry systems
  • point-of-sale systems
  • games.
Creating First Form
1- Install visual studio
2- Open visual studio and click on new project
3-Than select visual c#. than click on windows form application and name it and click OK.
4- Now Project is created.
5- Drag Drop things from ToolBox according to your requirements as shown on left side.
Now your first form is created click on start to see your running app like this.
Publishing your first app
You must have Click Once publishing tool installed before publishing your app.
If this tool is not installed than follow the following steps.
1- Go to uninstall and remove programs
2- Select visual studio and right click to change it
3- three options may appear . select modify option
4- than check the Click Once publishing tool checkbox.
5- and click on install
After installing this tool right click on your app name appear on the right side block of visual studio and click publish.
Select the path you want to publish and click finish.
Now your project is published at your desired location.
Installation of application
After publishing your app the setup file is generated at your desired location.
Double click on setup.exe file and click install. it may take some time and than your app is installed on your PC.
Now you can search it from you search box and enjoy it :)