Game Developers - XNA is the way to go

If you are interested in games programming using Microsoft technologies for Windows platform, XNA may be the way to go. Microsoft has spent so much in XNA for years and not it seems to be paying off. With the recent launch of Visual Studio and XNA 4.0, you can build all kind of games using XNA.

XNA Game Studio 4.0 allows you to build games for Windows Phone, Windows PCs and Xbox 360. If you install Windows Phone APIs on top of Visual Studio 2010 and when create a new project, you will see XNA Game Studio 4.0 in the list. Once you select this link, you will see project templates for Windows Phone Game, Windows Game, Xbox 360 Game and their related libraries.


With the launch of Windows Phone 7, now XNA has become a valuable asset for developers to write Windows Phone games and applications. Mike Gold and Ibrahim Irsoy, two C# Corner author have written several articles on XNA. Check out XNA Programming in C# section on C# Corner for some articles and tutorials.

Learn more about XNA Game Studio 4.0.

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