Goals of a Data Warehouse

Goals of a Data Warehouse

Make an organization's information easily accessible 

The contents of the data warehouse must be understandable and be intuitive and obvious to the business user. The contents of the data warehouse need to be labeled meaningfully. The tools that access the data warehouse must be simple and easy to use. They also must return query results to the user with minimal wait times. 

Present the organization's information consistently

Consistent information means high-quality information. It means that all the data is accounted for and complete. Consistency also implies that common definitions for the contents of the data warehouse are available for users. 

Be adaptive and resilient to change

We simply can't avoid change. User needs, business conditions, data, and technology are all subject to the shifting sands of time. The data warehouse must be designed to handle this inevitable change.


Be a secure bastion that protects our information assets

The data warehouse must effectively control access to the organization's confidential information. 

serve as the foundation for improved decision making 

The data warehouse must have the right data in it to support decision making.