Goodbye Internet Explorer, we’ll Miss you

“Goodbye Internet Explorer, we’ll Miss you”

You were like hell for developers but I will never forget your spinning globe, My Good Friend.

I heard many jokes on you like:

  • Most Deadly Combination Ever: Internet Explorer + BSNL Internet + IRCTC

  • If Monday was a browser, it would be Internet Explorer.

  • Internet Explorer has to make a commercial to get people to use it even though it’s already automatically installed in every pc.

  • Microsoft CEO will personally apologize to the last remaining Internet Explorer user.

  • The only time you are allowed to use Internet Explorer is when you're downloading Chrome.
    ... And many more

I think these Jokes were read by Microsoft too. Because of that response finally they are changing their Explorer world.

"We are now researching what the new brand, or the new name, for our browser should be in Windows 10," said Capossela, in Microsoft Convergence Conference.

"We’ll continue to have Internet Explorer, but we’ll also have a new browser called Project Spartan, which is codenamed Project Spartan. We have to name the thing."

"Internet Explorer will still exist in some versions of Windows 10 mainly for enterprise compatibility, but the new Project Spartan will be named separately and will be the primary way for Windows 10 users to access the web. Microsoft has tried, unsuccessfully, to shake off the negative image of Internet Explorer over the past several years with a series of amusing campaigns mocking Internet Explorer 6. The ads didn't improve the situation, and Microsoft's former Internet Explorer chief left the company in December, signalling a new era for the browser."

So From Now Windows 10 will have Project Spartan as primary browser, this browser will not be the successor to the current generation Internet Explorer instead it will be with an all-new branding. Yet Microsoft is not killing Internet Explorer. The Internet Explorer will co- exist with the Spartan browser, mainly for websites that have not adopted the HTML 5 standards. They confirmed that IE will allow for now but no longer. With this new name ‘Spartan’ the company is trying to shrug off the bad name that the Internet Explorer has earned in the past few years.

This is the Victory of Humanity, Windows are finally leaving behind Internet Explorer… ;)

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