Hide Save Query Window Prompt in SQL Server 2016


When there are unsaved opened query windows in SSMS (SQL Server Management Studio) and we try to close them either at once by directly closing the SSMS itself or closing just an individual window, we get a "Save query" window prompting us to save them to the physical disk.

In earlier versions of SSMS, it's not possible to ignore this "Save query" window prompt that comes. While this restriction is actually meaningful to have in SSMS, with SSMS 2016, you can now customize to hide those prompts as per your preference.

How To

To configure this, please follow these steps.

Tools - Options - Query Execution - SQL Server - General - “Prompt to save unsaved T-SQL query windows on close”  Screenshot


If you feel annoyed seeing prompts to save unsaved queries in your SSMS, you can now configure it not to show any prompts. Hopefully, you liked this small tip. Please share your feedback.
Thanks for reading! 

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