How C# Corner Impacted and Changed My Life

It’s August 25, 2014 my birthday and I would like to celebrate this year with C# Corner and all of you.
Hi folks,
I am Abhijit Patil, C# Corner MVP and C# Corner Pune Chapter Lead.  I am  really grateful of C# Corner who gave me the opportunity and honor to work with C# Corner chapter and members. I am very passionate about sharing my knowledge with others. I also reached the golden membership levels on Dotnetspider.

Today, I would like to share my story on how has C# Corner impacted my life and how do I see myself bringing a change to the society being a C# Corner MVP and Chapter Lead.

How I connect with C# Corner

First time, I was attending C# Corner Mumbai Chapter - Webinar that time Vidya Vrat was leading the Mumbai Chapter. This is where I also connected with Vithal Wadje.

Then gradually I start contributing on C# Corner and slowly it became my habit and daily routine to learn and share on C# Corner. Not only, I gained exposure but regularly being active on C# Corner kept me close to latest technologies. Out of all that work, I received my first monthly award in the month of February. By now my C# Corner became the home page of my Chrome browser.

C# Corner is fueling  the foundation of almost everyone who wants to learn. For the same reason, I get motivated and keep me contributing more and more in the forms of articles, blogs and forums. 
With all this effort, eventually I was selected for the prestigious MVP award and I also got an invitation to attend the North India’s Largest Developer Conference.

Now finally my dream day came when I flew to New Delhi. It was my first flight and I enjoyed it very much. I finally attended the C# Corner Developer Conference held in New Delhi and got a chance to meet Mahesh Chand, DJ, and many other MVPs, authors and C# Corner team editors and writers.
Mahesh Chand, founder of C# Corner, is truly an inspiration. I can say, his speech and success story of C# Corner was really amazing. Even today, after 6-month later, It is still memorable for me.

Some of my memorable moments of the C# Corner Developer Conference

Now it was an opportunity to put my thoughts in front of Mahesh Chand about starting the C# Corner Pune Chapter and (As you can expect from the great personality who always be ready to help anybody) Mahesh Chand allowed me to start the Pune Chapter.

And being the chapter lead, I would like to thank specially Nilesh gund for his support and Rupesh kahane, Jeetendra Gund, Sangram Jadhav, Abhijit Chavan, Amol Patil, Aniket Sonandker and C# Corner Team Dinesh, Amalendu Dey and Dhananjay Kumar to all there support without all these guys it’s not possible to start Pune Chapter.

Then Pune Chapter was officially listed on June 13, 2014 in C# Corner Chapters listing.

We have successfully completed 3 events including 2 webinars and 1 seminar.

My Contributions on C# Corner Abijit Patil

This is my story behind how C# Corner has impacted my life and I can say not just impacted my life, but has impacted the lives of masses across the entire world. Thank you once again Mahesh Chand.

Thank you once again all of you for all your support.