How Do I Emerge As An MVP And A Super Top Performer In The IT Industry?


Hi guys, I would like to present to you all the important best practices I follow to emerge as a top-class performer in the IT industry and crack an MVP award from a blogging portal like C# Corner. 
Here are few best points from my daily lifestyle:
  1. Get up in the early morning and do some chanting mantras/stotras for 11 malas. I keep chanting the below mantra,

    Lam Vam Ram Yam Ham Om

    Above mantra can ignite all the seven chakras in the body to always stay pro-active, energetic, and powerful in performance.

  2. Start doing smart learning in your R&D by only checking the blogs, articles, technical videos, news, discussion forums, online communities, and other references only from the latest timestamp to get the overall bottom line.

  3. Have only smarter conversations rather than talking non-sense and other unimportant stuff.

  4. Try to stay healthy by keeping a fitness challenge that includes physical exercises for 45 mins, walking/steps for 45 mins to reduce weight.

  5. Take bath twice to keep your body energetic after your exercise schedule.

  6. Take a break to your eyes after working on your PC/laptop for every 20 mins to give some rest to your eyes. Follow the 20-20-20 rule.

  7. Try to build a positive vibration with all your team members to derive the best productivity.

  8. Always try to have agile scrum meetings to know the daily status updates.

  9. Avoid daily mailings and replace them with MS Teams Channel Thread interactions, scheduled flows, manually triggered flows, planner tasks management. All the apps are available in Microsoft 365 environment.

  10. Always document your thoughts functional, technical, process documents, steps of the process, white papers, best practices to promote a higher level of knowledge management.

  11. Use the above same process for technical blogging, articles writing, interactions with various technical members from various forums, communities in Facebook, make more connections in linked in, make more interesting technical tweets in twitter, always try to promote your company ideas or your own documentation and related works [by hiding all the logos, images, branding to avoid NDA violation] to make your readers aware a lot of yours and emerge very popular in online portals.
All the above points will surely build you a very big top-performing career that can make you win lots of awards and rewards from various sources in the online blogging World say Csharp corner portal my best example to crack an MVP in 7 months with 70+ best blogs from my end.
Please check my photo gallery for your reference friends:
How Do I Emerge As An MVP And A Super Top Performer In IT Industry
How Do I Emerge As An MVP And A Super Top Performer In IT Industry
How Do I Emerge As An MVP And A Super Top Performer In IT Industry
I was awarded MVP of C# Corner due to my continuous efforts in technical blogging and knowledge from my IT Domain.
I got the following in my C# MVP kit:
C# Branded Bottle, Laptop Bag, KeyChain, Tshirt, Pencils set, Pen, 2 CoVid Fighting Masks, Digitek Bluetooth Earphones, etc.
I want to dedicate this award to all my Fans, Followers, Seniors, and Juniors who worked with me and who followed me Online. I want to give more positive energy to all of you guys and encourage you too to turn an MVP like me and more awards in your bright future!!
For more blogging knowledge and my technical blogs, please take a look at my C# Corner blog account.
All the best guys! Cheers!!