How To Add A Project To Github

To add your existing project to GitHub, follow the below steps,
Step 1
Create a Github account.
Step 2  
Once logged in, click on the + icon on the extreme right corner and select New Repository 
How to Add a Project to Github
Step 3
Here you need to provide the name and description of your repository and also the permissions(Public/Private) which is self explanatory.
Step 4
Navigate to your Project folder in the cmd prompt and type in below commands
  • rd .git /S/Q
  • git init 
  • git add. 
  • git commit -m "InitialCommit"
  • git remote add origin URLHERE(paste the git url that you get after creating repository)

    How to Add a Project to Github

  • git push -u origin master
Enter your GitHub account credentials in the prompt shown to authenticate.
That's it. this will add your project to your github repository. Go and refresh your Github page and you can see your files are there.