How To Check If An Email Is Valid Or Not, Using A Free Web API

In this blog, we will see how to check the validity of an email using a free Web API.

Today, I learned how to verify an email address using API Form Validation and also, verify the validity of a bulk amount of email addresses that you want to check. The e-mail verifier website provides a free API for using email validation or checks the valid or invalid email addresses without any expense (cost). It is free and always will be.
The e-mail verifier has launched this as a free API service that anyone can use for collecting email validation or checking if the email is valid or not. The email verifier follows 3 steps to check if an email is valid or invalid.
  1. Email is valid or not.
  2. Email service provider to get Mx Records and create a socket with the port number to send request of your email service provider whenever an email is valid so service provider sends status as OK; otherwise bad request status is returned.
  3. e-mail verifier checks the status and returns a JSON response.{{Email-values}}
API Response
  1. {  
  2.     "data":  
  3.     {  
  4.         "valid_host"true,  
  5.         < -- - This Key indicate email address host valid or not "valid_format"true,  
  6.         < -- - This Key indicate email address format valid or not "valid_mx_records"true,  
  7.         < -- - This Key indicate email MX Records valid or not "possible_email_correction""",  
  8.         < -- - This Key indicate email address possible correction "free_email_provider"true,  
  9.         < -- - This Key indicate Free email Provider address or not "disposable_email_provider"false,  
  10.         < -- - This Key indicate email address provider disposable request.  
  11.         "role_or_business_email"false < -- - This Key indicate bussiness email address or not  
  12.     },  
  13.     "mail_status"true < -- - This Key indicate email is valid or not  
  14. }   
To validate an email address or to get free API or any developer documentation, you can visit email verifier.