How To Create Dummy Files With Dummy File Sizes For Testing Purposes


Let’s explore a simple way to create a dummy file, say with a 20 GB size for any testing purposes in our expected file path in a local desktop using the command prompt.
  • Open CMD using Start Menu
  • Create the required file path if not created before by running: md <file/folders/sub folders>
  • Go to the path by running: cd <file path>
  • Run the below commands as per the given snap:
Fsutil file createnew dummyfile.dat 20000000000
How To Create Dummy Files With A Dummy File Sizes For Testing Purpose
  • The Dummy file gets created in the above-mentioned File PDrive Path with the mentioned dummy size say 20GB.
  • Include this file also for your SPMT Migration Test cases.


Finally, we were able to create a dummy file with the required size for any migration testing purposes. We can run this multiple times for creating a bulk number of dummy files with dummy sizes for quick testing purposes like files reading/downloading via Windows PowerShell and get to know the time taken for each kind of operation.