How To Create InfoPath Form As Default Display Form Of List

The blog covers how we can change the default display form of List using InfoPath Designer. Follow the steps to create your first InfoPath Form using InfoPath Designer.

To use InfoPath Designer, you must use Internet Explorer as a browser because these features are not supported in Chrome or any other browsers.

Step 1

Create a List named “Student Registration” and add the following columns.

Column NameType
TitleSingle line of text
EmailSingle line of text
Phone NumberSingle line of text
AddressMultiple lines of text
Birth DateDate and Time

Step 2

In the top ribbon, click List > Customize in InfoPath.

A pop up will appear asking for permissions to allow InfoPath form. Please use Internet Explorer to use this feature.

Check the below layout.
  • The right side shows all the columns from the list which we have already created.
  • Middle portion shows InfoPath Form design layout in which one can design pages.
  • In order to create a Form, choose "Layout" and drag the appropriate fields.
  • Publish Form.
  • Check List in SharePoint Online.
  • Click New Item > It will open our custom design form.

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