How To Create an Ubuntu/Linux Virtual Machine In Azure

Step 1: Please create an account in and login to Azure. Click on the Virtual machines.

 Virtual machines

Step 2: Click on the Add Button, shown below:


Step 3: Click the selected item, given below:


Step 4: Click the Create button, depicted below:


Step 5: In this screen, we need to enter the Virtual Machine name, user name password etc. Once it's completed, click OK.


Step 6: Here, we need to select the Server. For more options, click view all and you will get more Server configuration options.


Step 7: Click OK.


Step 8: In this step, all the validations are passed and it's ready to create the Virtual Machine. Click OK.


Step 9: It's creating …we need to wait some time, as shown below:


Step 10: Yes!! It’s created successfully and please note this IP address to access the Server.

 IP address

Download PuTTY

Click the exe file and type the IP address, mentioned above.

exe file

Step 11: Click Yes button.

Yes button

Type your user name and password, as shown below:

user name and password  

Yes….it's working fine.


Conclusion: In this article, we learned how to create a Ubuntu Server Virtual Machine in Azure.