How to display image in image control from folder located outside of application

When you apply string URL to ImageUrl Property of image control in webforms. It display image nicely if that image is located in any of the directory and folder which is placed in application folder. But sometimes we need to apply display image which is located under the folder which is outside of application. Then applying direct url to that image control would not work in most of the time.

Reason: web sites run under the NETWORK SERVICE user account, which will limit access to files outside of the folder.

Solution: If your application is hosted on localhost then follow the process described below.

1.     Open IIS on your system.

2.     Go to the application folder. E.g. MyApplication.

3.     Right Click on the folder and select Create Virtual Directory.

4.     Put folder name in Alias textbox e.g. images_1.

5.     Give the physical path to the directory where image is placed and hit ok.

6.     Now your url for your image control will be Alias images_1/myimage.png.