How to Edit a Web Page Using Browser Console

Do you know that we can edit a web page that is hosted on the internet?
Yes, it's possible using browser console and javascript. But the fact is that we cannot save it. Even though we can check the security of our websites.
Suppose we have a  registration form and the submission button in disabled until the form is fulfilled which means all the form should be filled and it is just disabled using html code and we didn't do any server side validation.
Then it will be cracked and submitted without the fully filled form by crazy geeks using console and javascript.
check the code for a button : -
  1. <input type="submit" disabled value="Register" id="submitb" /> 
The button above is disabled, we can enable it.
Steps : 
  1. Open the CONSOLE

    In mozilla firefox press ctrl+shift+k (CHROME : ctrl+shift+j).then broswer will open a window(below). There you can write javascript codes.

  2. Check the Whether working or now :

    In console just write the for alert(); eg: alert("hello js"); and press enter. It will popup a an alert box in the screen.

  3. It is the time to enable the button, write the code to enable.
  1. document.getElementById("submitb").disabled=false
Here the id="submitb" is the id of button. and we are editing the property of disabled to false.Now the button will be enabled(disabled =false);
After doing this, your button will be enabled and can be submit the form without fulfilling.
Note: This article is only for security reasons. When you design or develop a website kindly keep these kinds of mistakes in your mind.
If you have any doubts feel free to comment.