How To Enable Office 365 Public CDN In Your Tenant

Office 365 Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Microsoft introduced Office 365 CDN capability, which is used to host your assets directly from your Office 365 Tenant and it can be accessed by SharePoint sites and add-ins with the help of CDN URLs. For more details, refer  to General availability of Office 365 CDN.

Prerequisites to enable Public CDN

Download SharePoint Online Management Shell.

Steps involved to enable Public CDN

Open SharePoint Online Management Shell.

Run the command given below in the Management Shell to connect to your SharePoint Online Tenant.

Connect-SPOService -Url


Run the command given below to enable CDN in your Tenant.

Set-SPOTenantCdnEnabled -CdnType Public

Create a new document library in one of your SharePoint Online sites within your Tenant. I have created a folder , which will be added as new CDN origin.

Run the command given below to add a new CDN origin.

Add-SPOTenantCdnOrigin -CdnType Public -OriginUrl sites/vijai/cdn


Run the command given below to get all public Tenant CDN origins.

Get-SPOTenantCdnOrigins -CdnType Public


Assets hosted in public CDN origins can be accessed by public CDN URL.<tenant host name>/sites/site/library


In this blog, you have seen how to enable Office 365 Public CDN in your Tenant.