How to Install F# on Windows with Visual Studio 2008

F# is now included in visual studio 2010, by default. So If you are using visual studio 2010 on your computer you may already have F# installed. But if you are using Visual studio 2008 rather than 2010, you will have to download the F# distribution separately. Installing F# on windows with visual studio 2008 is straight forward.what you need for this just follow the steps.

  • You need to be running an account with system Administration privileges, Then Download MSI Version and Execute it.

  • You can download MSI version from the Link given link to the compiler distribution is included in the Top left hand corner. There are Two versions- An MSI version which will automatically install F# visual studio integration if visual studio is installed, and a ZIP version of the distribution, which is firstly targeted at Non-Windows users. The package includes the compilers fsc.exe as well as fsi.exe, F# base class libraries, F# documentation, F# parsing Tools and F# examples.

  • At the Time Of this writing the free express edition of visual studio do not support plugins so you can not use F# with them.

  • You can install F# plugins on top of the free visual studio 2008 shell. You can get details for Visual studio 2008 shell at

Install F# Quickly......