How To Install IIS On Windows 8.1


This blog explains how to install IIS on Windows 8.1.

IIS(Internet Information Server)

  • IIS is a Microsoft Server, which is used to host our web applications and services. 


  • If the request came from the user, the Web Server is processed that requests and sends the response to the same user.
  • We can test our application in our local system.
  • Here, I will explain how to install IIS on Windows 8.1.

Step 1

Open Control Panel ==> click Programs ==> click Turn on or off Windows features.


Step 2

Check Internet Information Services and click OK button.

Step 3

IIS is installed.


Step 4

Open Control Panel ==> click System and Security ==> click Administrative Tools.


Step 5

Open Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager. Now, IIS is enabled on your PC.


Step 6

We can check if IIS is enabled or not by using the Browser.


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