How to Install Python Framework Django in Windows OS

1. Firstly Download Python.
2. After Installation set the path in an environment variable.
3. Go to the start and type “Environment” and choose the result.
4. After opening the Environment Variable window, click on the New button.
New button
5. Set variable name “PATH”.
6. Set Variable value “C:\Python33;C:\Python33\Scripts;”.
7. Python33 is a folder name which you can change according to your folder name is in C drive. Also while installation, it prompts you and asks where to install Python, so there you can choose the path according to your choice. But always Value “<path of folder>;<path of folder>\Scripts;
8. You can check whether python is working or not on your computer. For that, open a command prompt and write “python”.
9. After installation of python, Click on the Windows button and search “Powershell”. Now  press enter:
Write the code into PowerShell:
    “(Invoke-WebRequest | python –”
10. Wait until the processing is finished.
11. Now open a command prompt and write “easy_install pip”, press enter and wait for all processes to finish.
12. Now again write the following code in a command prompt: “pip install django” and wait for Django's installation.
13. Then write again “Django-admin” for checking Django is working or not.
It means Django is working on Windows.
If you want to make a web application using Django, follow the official site.
I hope this article will help you in understanding python framework Django.
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