How To Integrate Powerapps In Project Online?

Since ages, Microsoft has been a leader serving business enterprises with its innovative and high-tech software solutions. With so many new technology platforms introduced by Microsoft, PowerApps has become revolutionary. PowerApps enable business owners those who belong to non-technical background to develop a robust mobile app in PowerApps without coding. This service is specifically meant for non-developers to develop elegant mobile apps that can work from any device. This has immensely boosted the morale of entrepreneurs, allowing them to out-of-the-box and be a part of this tech-savvy world without any hassle.
In addition to this, PowerApps has the ability to work with your general SharePoint list, but if you’re using a list from Project Online, then you can automatically create a project directly from an idea or even several ideas. However, in order to run this, you should already be using Microsoft PPM solutions and must create a SharePoint list as further it will serve as the hub of new ideas eventually.
Today, I will be sharing a step-by-step guide to optimize PowerApps for project online development:
#Step 1- Start PowerApps from your SharePoint List in Project Online:
It is essential that you set up a new SharePoint list with some simple data that can be further utilized for describing fresh ideas. You will see the “Create an App” option from the top of the list.
Then, give your app a unique name by using the right-side pane, as mentioned in the below image:
#Step 2- Wait on for PowerApps to create the first draft of your app:
PowerApps make sure that you begin your journey with great ease by setting up all the required connections and reprocessing all the list and columns you’ve added.
#Step 3- Revise the layout and publish the app:
Once your draft is ready, go ahead with the designing part of the app by adding some pictures, buttons and better features. To explain to you in a simple way, I have just added a company logo at the bottom and an idea symbol on the top. Thereafter, you will observe some different layouts on the left side: an edit page, a front-page, and an option of “add new” page. When done editing of the app, simply hit the file button and save/publish the app as shown in the below image:
Remember, add some unique icon to your app.
#Step 4- Now launch PowerApps from any mobile device:
Once you’ve accomplished the process, you will find that the app is already setup in your device. So, it’s super easy! However, to test the app, download PowerApps on your mobile device, regardless of your operating system. Install the app and add your login details, which is your normal 0365 user account information. After this, your app is ready, and you just have to run the functionalities.
#Step 5- Review and edit your ideas seamlessly:
Now, from this app, you can see the list of ideas that you already added and can easily edit them as well as per your convenience.
#Step 6- Create better ideas from PowerApps:
Simply, click on the + icon to add different ideas to the list, add useful information and then click on the create icon on the top left. After this, you’ll be moved to the previous page and review the list once again as per the given image below:
#Step 7- View your SharePoint list in Project Online:
Once your list is prepared, it will take a few seconds to reflect in the SharePoint list you’ve utilized for capturing new business proposals.

It also has many other options that one can opt for including:

  • You can utilize Microsoft flow to alert your team on new idea approvals.
  • You can directly create a project from an idea in Project Online by using the “Create Projects in Project Server”.
  • With Microsoft Flow, the real user will come to know when a real project has been created by using the list ideas efficiently.

Bottom line

All-in-all PowerApps is revolutionizing different processes in the Microsoft world, enabling businesses to invest in it without hesitance. This unique platform is providing great opportunities to the users, enabling them to stay abreast of the latest technologies.