How To Send Reminder Emails For Overdue Tasks In SharePoint Using Azure Logic App


Azure Logic Apps is a fully managed integration platform as a service which provide a way to automate the workflows and business process. You could easily integrate across different services in cloud and on-premise through connectors. In my previous article you saw how to create

This is a common requirement in SharePoint where we need to send reminder emails for overdue tasks and we would have achieved this using any of the following approaches:

  • SharePoint designer workflow
  • Scheduling console application or PowerShell script
  • Configuring retention policy or any other approach.

In this blog you will see how to send reminder emails for overdue tasks in SharePoint using Azure Logic App with simple configuration steps. I have created a tasks list in SharePoint Online site as shown below.

Logic App Design

This Logic App is scheduled to run on a daily basis.

Recurrence Trigger

Used to trigger an event at a regular time interval.

SharePoint – Get Items action

Used to get all items from Tasks SharePoint online list with filter condition as Due Date less than current date (DueDate le datetime'@{utcNow()}')

Office 365 Outlook – Send an email action

Sends an email to the users who have not completed the task on due date.

When you select output from previous step “Get Items” such as Assigned To or Task Name, automatically For Each will be included and we don't need to do anything from our side. You could also check the code view for the same.

Save and run the logic app to test it immediately. Emails are sent for overdue tasks as shown below.


Thus in this blog you saw how to send reminder emails for overdue tasks in SharePoint using Azure Logic App and schedule it on daily basis.

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