How To Turn Off The Glance Screen In Windows10 Phone

Turning the Glance Screen off saves your battery life.

When the display + touch section is loaded, you will see the display screen first.

Swipe to the right side of the screen to access the glance screen. This setting is set to be Timed, which turns off the glance screen when the phone is idle for one minute. To turn it off, set it to Off. If you still want to use this feature, you can set the setting to Peek to see the glance screen, when you hover your hand over the phone. Alternatively, you can set it to Always on. However, this option is not recommended, as it can drain your battery fast.

If you want to "turn off glance screen",

Go to settings.

Click find a setting.


Type to search glance screen.
If you get a result, select glance screen.

glance screen

Next, choose the mode option.

Select duration.


Choose off mode.

off mode

Now, glance screen will be in off mode.

off mode

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