How To Uninstall Apps In Windows 10


If you've installed an app on Windows 10 that you don't use or don't find useful, you may want to uninstall it.
Here are the steps to uninstall an app on Windows 10.
One option is to find the installed app in the apps listing.
- Open the Start menu
- Click Settings
- Click System on the Settings menu.
- Select Apps & Features from the left pane. ...
- Select an app you wish to uninstall.
- Click the Uninstall button that appears.
That will uninstall an app.
An alternative and simple method are, click on WIN+S and type the app name in the search text box.
Once you see the app name, right-click on it and use the Uninstall menu item to remove the app. 


In this blog, you have learned how to uninstall an app in Windows 10.