How To Utilize Linkedin Professionally And Effectively


LinkedIn has become the top website for growing a professional network and getting jobs. It is very important for everyone to understand how to use LinkedIn effectively.


I will give you a couple of important points to make the best use of LinkedIn. It will help to grow your network as well as get things done.

1. Spend most of your time on LinkedIn. Bookmark LinkedIn Homepage on your Browser if you are using Desktop/Laptop. Download the LinkedIn Application from the play store and add it to your Homescreen if you are using Mobile Phone.

2. Always keep the LinkedIn App on your Home screen on your mobile so that you will make sure to use it many times in a day.

3. Never ignore connection requests. Accept all the connection requests whenever you get them on LinkedIn.

4. Always send connection requests to Moderators, Helping Hands, Mentors, Authors, Key Peoples on LinkedIn. Suppose, you are looking for a job in a particular company, then in the search bar, search "Hiring XYZ" then filter "People" and Current Company to "XYZ". Now you will see a lot of HR's on that company. Send them a connection request. So that later, you can communicate with them.

5. Though there's a limit for sending connection requests, make the best use of it every day/week.

6. Like most of the posts, comment on them. It will boost your profile. People get notifications and they do follow and send you connection requests.

7. Reply to every single message request. Never ignore them. If they ask for help, guide them. If they ask for some clarification, provide it to them.

8. Evey time you log in to LinkedIn, first, accept all connection requests. Second, click on notifications and respond to each notification.

9. For example, each day someone might be having a birthday, someone might be celebrating anniversaries, someone might be starting a new job. Like their post and comment on the same.

10. Join LinkedIn Groups. Search on LinkedIn with Key Skills, for example, JavaScript. Filter by Groups and join the Group which has more members.

11. Always be professional on LinkedIn. Never like/comment on unnecessary posts which is beyond LinkedIn Terms and Regulations.

12. Follow useful tags like #career, #connections#help, #linkedin, #javascript, #angular, etc, etc.

13. Click on the "Connections" tab and Follow people and pages daily. Sometimes, there will be suggestions. Follow them.

14. Comment on useful posts. (If possible many). For example, if someone is hiring then comment on that post and tag your friends on that post who are looking for a job. In some cases, if someone writes a post saying they're looking for a job, comment on that post and tag if you know someone who's hiring for this relevant position.

15. Keep posting articles/blogs/documents/tips, etc on at least  twice a week. Write/Post the same on your LinkedIn Groups. It will reach more people.

16. Complete your LinkedIn profile 100 percent. Add a proper About section, Work Experience, Skills, Certifications, Education, Contact Details, etc, etc. Under the "Skills" section, there will be a "Take skills quiz". Attend the quiz and clear the same. In the end, you receive a badge, which can be displayed in front of the skills on your LinkedIn profile.

17. Add useful documents /posts on your LinkedIn "Featured" section.

18. Spend most of the time on LinkedIn. I use LinkedIn more than any other apps on my phone.

19. Be kind. Be polite. Be professional on LinkedIn. Always help the needy. Someone might need a job to feed their family. So help them :)

20. Whenever you find Job Vacancies in your company or if you find Job Vacancies on your LinkedIn Feed, kindly share them across the network. It might help someone. They will be thankful.

21. Write an article/blog/post(3-4 times in a week) and Create a poll (1/2 times in a week) on LinkedIn. You can even share Photo/Certificate/Code Repositories/Video Links/Article Links/etc. It might be even coding snippets/quotes/job vacancies/tips/etc. This will slowly increase your visibility over the platform and you will be helpful for many of them over the network.


LinkedIn is a professional platform. Most of them people are unfamiliar with how to use it. A few are not even using it even once a week. Start using it from today and make the best use out of it. This is my own experience. I have been following the above-mentioned steps. Hope it helps everyone. You can reach out to me or connect with me over LinkedIn if you have any trouble using LinkedIn effectively. Thank you.