HTML 5 brings slow death to Silverlight and Flash

If you are a flash or Silverlight developer, you may want to think about switching your career. You may want to think about where the Web development is heading to. I was reading Scott Hanselman's CSS3 is the new Flash and I agree with what Scott writes.  

Adobe's Flash has dominated the Web world for many years but now time is changing. In .NET version 3.5, Microsoft introduced Silverlight that provides an alternative to Flash for the web developer.  But both Flash and Silverlight need browser plug-ins. 

This is where HTML 5 and CSS3 are more handy and useful. The do not require a plugin. They are free. They are open-source and they are simple. 
In a blog post on Adobe's website, Danny Winokur, Adobe's vice president and general manager of interactive development, said, “We will no longer continue to develop Flash Player in the browser to work with new mobile device configurations.” He said the company will increase investment in HTML5.

I am sure you have already heard that Silverlight is dying. Microsoft pushing HTML 5 and new Metro-Style apps coming with Windows 8 and new Windows Phone, I am not sure what future Silverlight can have. I even read that Silverlight 5 is probably the last version released by Microsoft. 

Former Silverlight PM talks about how there is no Silverlight in Windows 8. Also read Silverlight 5 the End of the Line and Will there be a Silverlight 6

Windows 8 and new development tools from Microsoft now more focus on HTML 5 and CSS 3. Same applies to Adobe. New Adobe product suites focus on HTML 5 and CSS3 and flash is no where around.

So, Microsoft runs website. Wonder what will happen to it? 

What is your take?