IIS Express Failed to Register URL - Access is Denied

I was working on a web application, and suddenly the application stopped running on the browser and I got this error message,

“Unable to connect to the configured development Web server. Failed to register URL http://localhost :57660/ for site “sandbox” application “/”. Error description: Access is denied. (0x80070005)”

I tried many things like restarting Visual Studio and running Visual Studio as administrator but nothing worked. Finally, after spending a few hours on it I got the solution, so here I am sharing the solution.

Open windows registry and browse parameters in HTTP where you can see what URLs are allowed to be bound to services without admin privileges. The parameter is called ListenOnlyList and it needs to be set to the address that exists on your machine.


You need to configure this parameter by running the following in the administrative command prompt:


Once IP address is successfully added, you can see ListenOnlyList added in the registry with correct value.


Now run your web application again. I hope that will resolve your problem.


In this blog, I tried to resolve an error in web application using visual studio 2015. If you have any questions or comments, drop me a line in the C# Corner comments section.