Indian Startups will Eventually Kill Each Other

As a nation, we value originality and innovation much less than we claim to (assuming we value them at all), and even lesser than we should. Which is why, any domain that brings success to one startup, is almost immediately flooded with players doing the exact same thing — except maybe for a button or two in the name of "different approach to the problem".

Some will say this is a good thing. More competition means more good news for the consumer. Perhaps. But I see nothing but damage in the long run.

When 50 big and small players operate in one domain — doing the same thing in the same way (admit it or not) — here is what happens.

  • Oversupply leads to low demand.
  • Business becomes handicapped by the need for "offers" and "deals".
  • Time, energy, and eventually funds wear out.
  • A string of failures in the domain begins.

I do not have statistics to back me, but the number of VERTICALS India's entrepreneurial culture has touched seems utterly dismal compared to the number of PLAYERS in any single vertical. Which is surprising considering that as a developing nation, the diversity of our problems should mean more opportunities for entrepreneurs who aspire to become game-changers.

Unless, perhaps we stop instilling in our youth this sense of *urgency* to quit and start up... which is what (mis) leads people into giving more importance to doing something of their own rather than doing something that will truly add value to the ecosystem.

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