Install APK In Wearable Device Without Android Studio, Eclipse, Or ADB


This is the big concern about wearable development, so how will I install wearable APK in wearable devices? We can install it in three ways, which are

  • Using Android development IDE (Android Studio, Eclipse etc.)
  • Using ADB without IDE.
  • Direct from Playstore.

The main problem is the client is not always well trained to install APK, using IDE or ADB. Thus, what is the easiest way?

Easiest way to install wearable APK

  1. Make sure your package name of wearable and mobile are the same. Go to AndroidManifest.xml file. Check whether the module is the same or not. If it is the same then it is OK, otherwise you have to make them the same.
  2. Normally, two APKs are available in wearable projects, where one is "Mobile APK" and another is "Wearable APK".
    ?{{{{{{{+We have to build signed APK for "Mobile APK". If any one doesn't know how to build signed APK, you can see a video here.
  3. When APK is built successfully, you can find it in "Your_Project\mobile" folder.
  4. Subsequently, send it to your phone, which is connected to a wearable device.
  5. Now, install it on your mobile.
  6. When the handheld app will connect with the wear, it will install/update the wear-APK on the wearable device.
  7. The mobile app can be empty without activities, but you have to declare the same package in AndroidManifest for both.


You can send a signed APK, using email or any other way to your client to install a wearable APK to their device following the steps listed above.