Installing MVC App On IIS 8 On AWS Server

Check whether the framework 4.5 / 3.5 has been installed on your machine or not.

Check IIS to see whether the framework is correctly set or not. 

Open the Control panel

Control panel

Click Add/remove features.

Add/remove features

Select Role based or feature based installation.
Select Role

Select the Server from the list, against which IIS needs to be set.
Webserver IIS

Select Webserver IIS option.
Webserver IIS

Under Application Development option, check that all the required options are checked and click next.

Webserver IIS option

Check for the correct framework is checked or not.

  1. Check whether the ASP.NET is enabled for the execution on your machine.
  2. Check whether the Application is correctly set against your Application deployed.
  3. Check whether the Application security is correctly set

Note : There are times, when MVC files, given below, are not available. For it, copy the files manually in bin folder from local Application bin folder or enable the copy from local option and during it, publish. These files will automatically get copied to the bin folder.

  1. System.Web.Http.WebHost  
  2. System.Net.Http  
  3. System.Net.Http.Formatting  
  4. System.Net.Http.WebRequest  
  5. System.Web.Http.WebHost  
  6. System.Web.WebPages



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