Internal Server Errors


I am going to define  Internal server errors  which occurs most of the time when a browser requests a service from a web server.


1. HTTP Error 500 Internal   server error


Whenever a web server encountered an unexpected situation than it prevented client to get response. HTTP Error Internal server error is “Catch all” error throw by the web server. In this error something goes wrong but server cannot be more specific about the particular problem.      

2. HTTP Error 501 Not implemented       

The web server does not able to get and does not support HTTP method sent by the client. Or it lacks the ability to fulfill the request of client.


The HTTP 1.1 setting is enabled

Resolve Problem   

In the internet explorer click internet option

Click the Advance tab

Now click to clear check box of HTTP 1.1
Click OK

3. HTTP Error 502 Bad gateway

 The 502 Bad gateway error means that one server received an invalid response from another server. Server acts as a gateway to fulfill the request by the client. The 502 Bad Gateway error is usually a network error between servers on the internet.

Resolve Problem

502 Bad gateway error is due to poor IP communication between servers. You should clear your browser cache completely. You should delete your browser's cookie. Start your browser in Safe Mode