Introduction of Typescript

  • Typescript is an open source programming language.
  • Typescript is a Super set of Javascript that compiles to plain javascript.
It is for making the Java script scale. For making Large Scale Applications in Java script, we use Typescript.

Nowadays, the use of Java script in browser applications has been accelerated like Angular.js, react.js, Node.js etc.
But at the core of it, there is Javascript which was made in only three weeks.

We know Javascript is a dynamic language. Javascript has not static type. Typescript solved the problem of static type and introduced features like  we have in C#. If we talk about editors like visual studio, eclipse etc , they give statement completion, FindAllReferences, refactoring kind of facility.

Typescript offers classes, modules and interfaces to build robust components.

TypeScript gives two things mainly.
  1. Great tools enabled by static types.
  2. Features from the future, today
The typescript compiler is itself written in Typescript, it gives out put in the form of javascript.

Features of Typescript:
  1. Type annotation and compile time checking
  2. classes
  3. Modules
  4. Interfaces
  5. Enumerated Type
  6. Generic
  7. Type inference
  8. Type erasure
  9. Mixin
  10. Namespaces
  11. Tuple
  12. Modules
You can use your existing javascript code with typescript.

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