Introduction To Touch Events In Xamarin Android Applications


In this article, you will learn about touch events in Android applications. The main objective is to detect and respond to a touch event using Visual Studio in Android. The user can touch anywhere on the screen. Then, random shapes (Image views) will be generated. Here, I am experimenting with more user activities like touch and drag on image views that are generated by user touch.

Let us experience

  • Android Touch Events
  • Create Random Shapes on touch
  • Move Animations
  • Drag and move shapes
  • Change color of shapes on touch


Create an Android application.

Let us change layout >> Main.axml to handle touch activity.

Add Touch Event Listener.

Next, we need to add Helper class for colors and shapes.


Add Event Handler for Touch Screen and Image View.

Configure Android SDK API Platform and run the application. You can experience touch activities on Android.

Thanks for reading. I hope it helps.