Introduction To Xamarin For Absolute Beginners

This blog is for the beginners who are willing to learn a new technology. For the future world, there may be the presence of lot of technologies available for you. I am analyzing the starting trouble from the beginners who are trying to learn new technology (Xamarin in our case). 


Xamarin is a platform that allows us to create multi-platform mobile application (Like Windows phone , Apple iOS , Android) through a single integrated development environment (IDE). This platform allows the programmers and designers to develop and design various mobile platform applications within limited period of time.

Problems Solved by the Xamarin Platform

The main problem faced by the developers is to develop different mobile applications for each platform at a time. Xamarin allows us to create multi-platform applications at a time, with the help of C# and .NET technologies.

  • C# - Programming Language (Developed by Microsoft).
  • .NET – Framework (Also developed by Microsoft) that provides a large class Library named Framework Class Library.

The art of programming is to separate the problem into various fragments or parts.



All three platforms integrate similar ways of presenting the graphical user interface (GUI) and interaction with the device through multi-touch, but there are many differences in detail. Each platform has different ways to navigate around applications and pages, different conventions for the presentation of data, different ways to invoke and display menus, and even different approaches to touch.

Users become regularly interacting with applications on a particular platform and expect to leverage that knowledge with future applications as well. Each platform acquires its own associated culture, and these cultural conventions then influence developers.



Programmers today are learning to working in a sophisticated integrated development environment (IDE). Such IDEs exist for all three platforms, but of course they are different,

  1. For iOS development, Xcode on the Mac.
  2. For Android development, Eclipse on a variety of platforms or Android studio.
  3. For Windows Phone development, Visual Studio on the PC.



Developers have some flexibility in choosing a programming language for each of these three platforms, but in general, each platform is very closely associated with a particular programming language,

  1. Objective-C for the iPhone
  2. Java for Android devices
  3. C# for Windows Phone

These three languages are cousins because they are all object-oriented descendants of C, but they have become rather distant cousins.

Solutions for this Problem

This has been achieved by the technologies developed by the Microsoft C# and .NET together.

C# has been closely associated with the Microsoft .NET Framework. At the lowest level, .NET provides an infrastructure for the C# basic data types ( int , double, string, and so forth).

But the extensive .NET Framework class library provides support for many common chores encountered in many different types of programming.

Xamairn platform provides the two methods for the develop the applications easily by

  1. Xamarin Native applications
  2. Xamarin Forms

In simple way the drawbacks in the Native can be achieved by the Xamarin Forms.


By taking the various problem from the developer to developing the multiple applications. Its easy to learn the Xamarin and develop the various platform applications easily Visual studio.

Microsoft is now integrated with xamarin using the C# and .NET applications.