Is TypeScript a Complete Language?

If you are a regular visitor of C# Corner, I am sure you are familiar with TypeScript. Microsoft announced TypeScript on Oct 01 for Web developers to write complete large scale applications using TypeScript. We actually have a dedicated section on TypeScript where you find many articles and tutorials.

TypeScript is Open Source.

So, the first question came to my mind was, Is TypeScript a complete language? What is a complete programming language? A language that provides me most of the common features I need to build my applications. 

Interestingly enough, I found this great blog on TypeScript by Bernd Paradies on Adobe blogs that compares one feature at a time. List of the feature includes

  • Does TypeScript has a language spec?
  • Does TypeScript support types?
  • Does TypeScript allow explicit casts?
  • Does TypeScript support inheritance?
  • Does TypeScript support interfaces?
  • Can I split up my TypeScript project into smaller pieces?
  • Can I use other JavaScript libraries with TypeScript?

The answers to these questions are "YES".

In the end, Bernd releases the verdict.

“I have to say that TypeScript gets good marks for most of the items on my checklist. The only fly I could find so far is missing support for ‘instanceof' interfaces.”

Overall a good blog.