JQuery Context Menu

I have resolved a biggest challenge of web development and developed client side context menu(Right Click Menu) plug-in. Following are some major features of the same:

  • Easy integration
  • Object based integration
  • Callback function support.
  • Return the name of menu that is clicked, that will help in executing action method for that item.
  • Cross browser support tested on all popular browsers
  • UI can be changed very easily.

Example for integration on a object.

  1. <script>  
  2. $(function () {  
  3. $(“#target”).contextmenu({  
  4. items:["Download","split","Move","Copy"],  
  5. callback: function (data) {  
  6. //Call custom action method based on item clicked that will come under data  
  7. alert(data);  
  8. }  
  9. });  
  10. });  
  11. </script>  
On above example target is the name of HTML object and split is for split line. Further please find all file enclosed here and let me know in case you have any query.

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