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C# Corner, founded in 1999, is an online community for developers and IT professionals where members learn and share their code and expertise via articles, forums, and tutorials.

It was a superb and incredible moment being at the C# Corner Annual Conference 2016. This is my first MVP award, and it was an awesome experience. No one can buy this kind of experience by paying money.

Day One

The session began in the evening, attended by all the C# Corner founders: Mahesh Chand, Board Member Shekhar Srinivasan, MCN Solution Team, Editorial Director Praveen Kumar, Conference Director Dhananjay Kumar, Content Manager Dinesh Beniwal, etc.

The agenda of the session was: The Introduction of Chapters and the Conference by Dhananjay Kumar Sir, How to Become a Better Programmer by Glenn Block Sir, How to Brand Yourself by Mahesh Sir, and open discussion.

In this session we learned from all the legends; they shared their real-life experiences. We learned the following lessons from the Mahesh Chand Sir session,


  1. Always ask questions: Ask questions of everyone whether they are a part of your project or not, don't feel afraid (bad) to ask any question. Always make sure that all of your doubts are cleared up. 

  2. Always work as a team: If everyone in your group, company, or project always works as a team, then your team can achieve its goal. If anyone from your team has poor performance or is a little bit slow in their work, then try to pick him up and work together. Share some tips with him so that he can grow with you, and your team will work and perform well.

  3. Always Follow Steps: Suppose you are a developer and you are doing some development on a task; then first understand the requirements properly so that you can develop that task. After understanding the requirements, figure out the pros and cons of that. Make a checklist of tasks which will help to develop this task in the minimum time. After development, the most important thing is unit testing. 

  4. Be a continuous learnerToday’s world uses the internet in all sectors. On the internet we can get everything FREE of cost. So try to learn from these websites and portals. In our IT sector, new things are arriving every day, so you should have at least a basic knowledge of each and every technology because it will be better for your future. Always share your knowledge and experience with others.

Day Two

Dhananjay Kumar Sir
: The session started with the welcome speech. In this, he shared everything about C# Corner, including how he and Mahesh Sir met and how the first C# Corner conference had approximately 50 attendees. Now this is the 6th annual conference. He also welcomed all speakers, MVPs, and attendees.

Also he gave a session on Angular JS, in which he explained CSS, basic concepts of Angular JS, features of Angular JS, etc.


  1. Suppose you are giving any session, then never introduce yourself before the session starts. Always introduce yourself after your session, because if your session is awesome or good then people will remember you.

Mahesh Chand Sir: The session started with an explanation of C# Corner and what it provides to us.

On the first day, Mahesh Sir explained upcoming new features of C# Corner, and explained that you should contribute to the community so the community can give back to you. C# Corner provides career advice, question banks, interviews, free book downloads, training and job opportunities, etc.


Open Source Project

Mahesh Sir introduced his college teacher who teaches Cobol and gives project guidance to students. He also writes articles and content in magazines and gives open source project topics to students so students can lean new technologies. They do not accept existing projects or ones already developed by other students.

Learn from your mistakes: You can only learn from a mistake after you admit you've made it. Making mistakes is inevitable and part of being human. It's also a valuable source of instruction and will enrich your life.

Be a good Friend: Always be a good friend with all of your team members, never hate anyone. Share your knowledge with your team. Learn from everyone in your team, young and old, not matter their position -- developer, tester, team lead or manager, etc.

Glenn Block Sir: Glenn Block Sir taught two sessions at C# -- the Easy Way with ScriptsCS and Deploying Web API on Core CLR to Docker. In his sessions he shared the following keynotes:


Find a mentor, be a mentor: A mentor is someone willing to spend his or her time and expertise to guide the development of another person by maximizing their potential and developing their skills. Always try to learn from your mentors and also be a mentor.

Don’t say always yes: Human have a tendency to respond to everyone in terms of yes, and always accept all od the things asked of them. Before giving a response to anyone try to find out the feasible pros and cons of that thing and think about it, then after that give your reply. Sometimes be prepared to say no, because some things are actually not possible to do.

Vinod Kumar Sir: Vinod Kumar Sir taught a session on Performance Tips and Tricks Working with SQL Server. The session was very interesting because he asked questions to attendees and showed small demos on each topic.


Dream: Always carry your dreams with you wherever you walk/live/run.

Preparation gives us more: Suppose you are delivering a session for one hour and there are 700 attendees. Then you need to prepare at least three to four hours because your session needs to be interesting so attendees can concentrate on the session. Your session is not for one hour only because if your session is not interesting then you are wasting 700 hours (calculation as follows):

Number of hours of session * Number of persons = XYZ hrs

1 Hr Session * 700 persons = 700 hrs.

Life lessons that Cricket taught me:

  1. For one person to succeed, there will always be 10 people around you bringing you down.

  2. People around you will always talk about your failure and success; don’t care about others, sometimes just chase your own dreams.

  3. The numeric strength of 10,000 can’t stand in front of one truth, even if everyone makes a lie a reality, the single truth will always win against all.

  4. You don’t always need an enemy to bring you down, sometimes the people around you are enough to wear you down.

  5. Don’t worry when people say negative things about about you, just prove them wrong as you win your battles every single day.


Hope you understood the keynote talks given by speakers at the C# Corner Conference 2016.


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