Launch an Application Insight from Azure Management Portal


Lets start working with Application Insight UI from new Microsoft Azure portal.

Follow the below steps to work with Application Insights in Windows Azure

Step 1

Login to new Azure Management Portal. If you have not already logged in, the portal will ask you to enter the Live ID credentials. Start with entering the Live ID account name provided to you and click on continue:


Step 2

You will be redirected to Azure Sign In page. Enter the Live ID username and password in the login page and click on “Sign In”:

Sign In

Step 3

To create a new Application Insight resource, click on: “New” -> “Developer Services”-> “Application Insights”. Enter a name for your Application Insight Resource,

Application Insight

Select the “Application Type” as “ASP.NET Web Application”,

Web Application

Click on “Resource Group”->Create a new Resource Group and Enter a new Resource Group name and Click on OK at the bottom of the blade.

Resource Group

Now once you are back in the “Application Insights” blade, enable the checkbox “Add to StartBoard” at the bottom and Click on ”Create”:

Once Successfully Created, the Application Insight Resource will appear on the Microsoft Azure Portal’s Startboard.


Click on the resource and check out the following,

  • Properties -> Instrumentation Key
  • Application Health Lens
  • Web Test Responses
  • Metrics Explorer
  • Diagnostic Search
  • Servers
  • Diagnostics Lens
  • Performance Lens
  • Usage Analytics Lens
  • Operations section
  • Access Section