Learners Journey - First Livecoding Stream

I have started Live Streaming my coding sessions (like Twitch of for gaming), using Livecoding.tv. Here are some tips if you are planning on doing the same:
  • Prepare before-hand. I have 3 monitors, 1 for the streaming session, which is what the IDE sits on, 2nd monitor has a list of topics to discuss during the session and the 3rd has a browser session for research. By being prepared and knowing what you are doing that session, it will mean it will flow a lot better.

  • Set the right expectations. I have a pre-written notepad text that describes the following, which I copy and paste into the chat block each time a new person joins:

    • What I'm talking about today.
    • How long I'm streaming.
    • Any links to code.
    • When you will answer questions.

  • Be consistent. Try to start the same time each night, also if you are answering peoples questions but stated you are answering questions set points in the stream, don't then randomly start answering questions at different intervals.

  • Remember your audience is there. Keep an eye on how many active streamers you have and talk to them. Keep the conversation flowing if possible. Try to answer any questions in the chat via Voice - but try to find out who doesn't have audio.

  • Honesty. If you don't know something, don't make the answer up, take note of it and research the answer. Remember that people using this service could be:

    • learning themselves. Providing incorrect information could disrupt someone else's learning.
    • they know their stuff and they query your answer in chat, making you look foolish and people will loose trust and switch off.
I'm enjoying using Livecoding as a way of learning together. Enjoy it!