Life Cycle Of A Blog


So the first thing is the inspiration. When it comes to a blog we have some sort of inspiration which can be personal, a role model, or goal-based.

A person can be inspired by others if he or she see them earning a lot, gaining a lot of fame, being recognized, being organized, expressing something, and many other countless inspirations.


Then comes the actual blogging which is very much dependent on the inspiration. This is dependent on the type of inspiration you have selected. To generalize this phase, the user is directly proportional to your inspiration. If your inspiration was to earn, to attract users to your blog then you will have to chose a topic which can also inspire others. If your inspiration is expressing yourself then you can express yourself in a way that others will find interesting.


The feedback is a very important phase. Feedback can be positive, which can either be in the form of money, comments, traffic, etc., or it can be negative which can either be comments, low traffic, low earning etc. It is an important phase for your blog which pushes you to the next phase.

Toggle period

The toggle period can simple be defined as ‘I want to continue’ or ‘I want to quit.’ It is very much dependent on your feedback. Positive feedback will boost you and make you blog more but negative feedback might disappoint you and you might stop.


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