LINQ to SharePoint SharePoint DSL Extension for Visual Studio 2010

Using this tool you can make a query in a SharePoint list is as easy as making a query within a database table, thanks to a real object relational mapping process. This tool generates SharePoint classes (like the command line tool SPMETAL) directly in Visual Studio as a design schema (like LINQ to Entities). This new feature is an extension to Visual Studio for modeling LINQ to SharePoint entities. With this tool, it's become possible to add a new kind of item in a VS project, called a LINQ to SharePoint schema.

You can do following things from this tool after installation:

Some New Feature:
  1. Automatic update feature from a site (to add or remove elements from schema)
  2. Schema to SPMETAL parameter XML file feature
  3. Embedding SPMETAL classes generation process inside Visual Studio 2010
  4. Wizard to build a mapping model
And some more features are available.

You can download the Binaries and Documents from the following Link to Know more

Latest version is v1.2