Load Time Script - PHP

This one is a must for developers and system admins. You need to know how long your site takes to load. Nobody sticks around waiting for a site to load anymore – there's way too much content out there for that. Use this script to find out if your site is taking too long, and if it is, fix it..

PHP Code:

$starttime microtime();
$startarray explode(" "$starttime);
$starttime $startarray[1] + $startarray[0]; 

Insert this code snippet directly before the closing </body> tag of your document:

PHP Code:

$endtime microtime();
$endarray explode(" "$endtime);
$endtime $endarray[1] + $endarray[0];
$totaltime $endtime $starttime;
$totaltime round($totaltime,10);
"Seconds To Load: ";
printf ("%f\n"$totaltime); 


Seconds To Load: 0.000070

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