Make Radio Station at Your Home over Internet

Make your own radio station

You might wonder that how online radio is working?. There are the crowd of people those wants send them idea by radio, but it is not possible for them. But here in this tutorial I'm going to show you to create your own radio station over Internet. There are so many channels online, you can make your own channel on-line by just simple tools. That tools are acutely free-from download. If you're willing to make your own channel this is the right article for you.

The required three tools.

  1. winamp - Its media player to play any song.
  2. oddcast - It's a utility which converted your current media to stream.
  3. icecast - Server to broadcast your stream
  4. Your computer must be accessible from outside of network, or in intranet.

Download about given tools from Internet now installed a step-by-step. First install winamp and then oddcast. Ones installation is completed and then follows the instructions given below.


Figure 1(Winamp)

Start Winamp.

Now go to option -> preferences -> plug-ing -> DSP/effect in these at right side. select "DSP Edcast.dll"

Double-click on it. You may get the figure like below.


Figure 2(Edcast)

Now click on "Add Encoder". New Encoder will be added to beloved server. Now double-click on your Encoder.


Figure 3(Edcast)


Figure 4(Configuration)

You will have three options.

  1. Basic setting
  2. YP setting
  3. Advanced setting

In Basic setting Server IP: localhost and server port 8000. Press OK.


Figure 5(Playing Song in winamp)

Now play any song which you want to broadcast to your listener. And you will find that as given in above figure. L and R channel will start playing. And according to the transfer rate also will be display in ListBox.

Now start Icecast


Figure 6(Icecast)

Press Buttons "start server". And your server will start. Now open your browser and type localhost:8000. Your fine figure given below. Click on M3U. download the file and play it in your player. If your computer is accessible outside the network or your computer is a webserver. Then type your: And anyone can download the file and listened your broadcasting thinks,


Figure 7(Icecast webportal)

Above article was related to how to set up your transmitting radio station it's not enough to make set up. It required a high-speed Internet, suppose that you are playing 128 bit rate song, and your Internet having speed of 256 bit,
Than 256/128 = 2 user can listen your song, and it also depends ON YOUR SONG CLARITY.


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