Make your Visual Studio 2015 Preview - Workable


I set up an azure machine using Visual Studio 2015 preview image (here are the steps: I was very happy as I was going to taste the flavor of new compiler named as ‘roslyn’. I started with a new console app so, I could get into the new features of C# 6.0 as follow:

  1. public class AutoPropertiesWithPrimaryConstructor(int rollNumber, string firstName)  
  2. {  
  3.    public AutoPropertiesWithPrimaryConstructor()  
  4.    {  
  5.    }  
  6.    public AutoPropertiesWithPrimaryConstructor(int rollNumber)  
  7.    {  
  8.    }  
  9.    public int GetNumber { getset; } = rollNumber;  
  10.    public String Name { getset; } = firstName;  

There are not error, IDE is giving me the facility to write new C# 6.0 syntax's. I was again happy.

The drama (I said it drama as its crap) begun when I started build my project. See here what happened:

Isn’t it shocking, I was expecting a successful build but it ruined, I don’t like it.


Then I found an interesting link: which tells me how to make this working.

Here are I created list what I did:

Now, all is set to go.

Enjoy the flavor of Visual Studio 2015 preview and new languages like C# and VB.