Metro Style apps Javascript Project Templates

In this blog I'll briefly describe the difference between all Javascript project templates for metro style apps in Visual Studio 11. To create a project for a Metro style app, click File > New > Project (or press Ctrl+Shift+N). You'll see the New Project dialog box. Select Javascript language node in the left pane. You'll see various app templates in the center pane. Some important templates, like Grid Application and Split Application, are shared between all the languages.

Blank Application: In Blank Application Template you can compiles and runs, but it contains no UI controls or data. After running app based on it, you see a black screen that contains placeholder text.

Grid Application: In Grid Application template you can customize to create apps that allow users to browse through categories to find content in which they will want to fully Centre themselves.
Examples: Shopping apps, news apps, and photo or video apps.

Split Application: In Split Application Templates you can customize to create apps that allow users to view a list of items and item details in a two-column view, where users might want to switch quickly among the items, and where the list might be updated dynamically.
Examples: News reader, a sports scores app, or an email app.

Fixed Layout Application: Fixed Layout Application Template is the same as the Blank Application template except that its content is meant for a fixed viewport.
Example: Game apps developed in JavaScript.

Navigation Application: Navigation Application Template provides the basic navigation, app desktop toolbar (appbar), and media mode–based layouts that are used in the Grid Application and Split Application templates. The Navigation template contains only one minimal page fragment to which you can easily add more page fragments and then add your own content.

Source: MSDN (

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