Microsoft Azure - Storing All cmdlets In A File Using Windows Azure PowerShell

Hello friends. Windows Azure Powershell has a big library for Azure cmdlets which is very helpful in doing things without logging in to the Azure portal.

In this blog, we will learn how to get all Azure cmdlets from PowerShell window and how to import all cmdlets to a text file for future reference purposes.

Once we store all cmdlets to a text file, we can easily go through that file and search the command that we require for our purposes.

  • Open the Windows Azure PowerShell window.
  • Type the below command to get the list of all cmdlets with a synopsis.

Get-Command –Module Azure|Get-Help| Format –TableName, Synopsis

Press Enter.


You can see the list of all of the Azure cmdlets with descriptions.

  • If you want to see the detail about a specific cmdlet then you can use the command,

    Help cmdletname

  • Now, store all the cmdlets to a text file to the local system folder which is already present.

    Get-Command –Module Azure| Get-Help| Format –TableName, Synopsis –Wrap|Out-File C:/temp/filename.txt

    Press Enter
  •  Navigate to the folder and we will find a new text file.

Open the text file and you can see all Azure cmdlets in a single place.


So it’s an easy way to store the cmdlets in a file and search any cmdlets whenever you need to instead of moving through all cmdlets in PowerShell window.

Have a nice day!!