Microsoft .NET Micro Framework SDK Version 3.0 Download

The .NET Micro Framework extends the productivity advantages of .NET and Visual Studio to smaller, less expensive, and more resource-constrained devices than any previous Microsoft managed platform. Version 3.0 brings several new features and enhancements to an already robust and productive development platform:

  • Enhanced secure connectivity. .NET Micro Framework version 3.0 features new connectivity support, including Wi-Fi integration, Universal Serial Bus support, Web Services for Devices, secure sockets layer and support for a file system compatible with FAT32.
  • Extended hardware choices. Enhancements include interoperability with native code allowing direct access to hardware, reduction in the minimum footprint to 64K RAM, a more accessible and easier-to-use porting kit, support for the Analog Devices Blackfin processor family, and ARM Thumb and Thumb-2 instruction sets.
  • Increased productivity. A fully integrated development experience with both Visual Studio 2008 and Visual C# 2008 Express Edition—along with interoperability—provides developers with powerful debugging and emulation capabilities and a more flexible migration path for .NET developers and those with existing native code modules.
  • Additional user interface options. Touch and gesture support enable development of more interactive and capable device applications.

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