Microsoft New Feature - Section Template For Site Authors

Hi guys! Microsoft launches a new feature called “Section Template” early this year in SharePoint. This feature gives site authors a nice SharePoint page authoring experience.

Let us discuss more about this feature in this article.

What is Section Template?

  • Section Template are the inbuilt template provided by Microsoft for smooth designing of SharePoint pages.
  • Section template comes with Image and text webpart.
  • When you choose a blank template, you can design the pages with popular images and text.
  • This helps Page authors to design the page beautifully without adding image or text webpart additionally saving their time.
  • Section template comes with aspect ratio for images and text for a consistent look and feel.
  • These aspect ratios can be formatted or customized as per need.

Types of Section Template

Each of the section template comes with image and text webpart. Below is the list of section template -

  1. Three Column image and text.
  2. One-third left image and text.
  3. Two Column Vertical image and text.
  4. One Column image and text.
  5. One-third right image and text.
  6. Two Column image and text.

Process to add Section Template to SharePoint Page

To add section template to the page, edit the page and follow below steps -

Step 1

Click on “+” icon on the left side of the page. Refer below screenshot -

Step 2

Choose the templates tab as shown in below screenshot.

Step 3

Choose the appropriate template from the below list of templates shown below: -

Step 4

Template will be added to the page. Now add the appropriate image and text to the template as per business need.

  • You can move a section by dragging and dropping the respective section.
  • Also, you can delete the section using delete section.

This helps author to experience a smooth and inspirational starting point to create beautiful SharePoint pages.